B&A Metallaufbereitungs-GmbH – competent and innovative

The B&A Metallaufbereitungs-GmbH was founded in 2010 for the purpose of processing mixed metal fractions from various shredder processes and segregate them.

The location of Nuremberg’s river port with its trimodal traffic connections has proved to be logistically excellent. The processing plant started produc-tion in January 2013.

The completely dry technique B&A Metallaufbereitungs-GmbH employs allows it for the first time ever to recycle the valuable metals in top quality and without any oxidation losses.

Our innovative ways of recycling and the medium-sized corporate structure with its flat hierarchies puts us in a position not only to responds to market changes in a targeted manner

and at short notice but also to gain new input materials and to open up the relevant distribution channels. This flexibility is the basis of our successful market activities and will reassure our customers that we get always the most from their material.